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Problem with being a research PhD candidate is that it's hard to answer the usual what-do-you-do question? If you could take a look at the title of the founding application for the PhD project on which I'm working it would probably read Turbulence Modelling of Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layers Using the Explicit Algebraic Reynolds-stress Model or something along those lines. Therefore, saying "I'm doing a PhD" and leaving people in a confused and somewhat disappointed state of mind is the best I've got.

Apart from my daytime job, I'm also passionate about coding in Python and very impressed with Haskell programming language and its amazing type system. I'm collecting quite a number of in-front-of-the-screen hours writing code and wrapping my head around various programming concepts (e.g., design patterns, category theory, etc.).

If you have comments or question related to the blog you can write to me.